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The WebX FAQ

1. Why do I get Run-time Error '10048' Address in use when I try to run my application?

This will occur when there is another server application listening on the same port you have chosen for ServerPort. By default ServerPort = 80, so any other web servers, such as Microsoft Personal Web Server (PWS), on your system will raise this error.

Changing ServerPort to another number or disabling the other server will usually solve the problem.

If you are experiencing this problem and do not have another web server on your system, please download the latest version on WebX. Version 1.0.026 of WebX was enhanced to better handle some issues when running within the IDE. See the WebX Release History for more details.

If you are receiving this error (Run-time error '10048': Address in use) only when in the VB IDE please read the following section from the WebX Release History:

Occasionally after running your application from the IDE you receive this error even though there are no other web servers at the Port you are using. This occurs because the program was not properly terminated. This may happen if you choose to END the application by using the END icon or if there was an error and you choose END instead of DEBUG. Behavior of WebX was change so that when control starts in the IDE environment it will release the listener port regardless of the the state of the port or server.

NOTE: Hitting the END icon in the Visual Basic IDE is like terminating a program using the END command, you should neither unless absolutely necessary. This will cause memory leaks that make you application and development environment less stable. Avoid the temptation of hitting END when you application is functioning normally and stop a program as if you were not in the IDE.

Adding the StopServer method to the Unload event of the form that contains WebX will also help avoid this issue with the IDE.

Private Sub Form_Unload(Cancel As Integer)


End Sub

Exiting the VB IDE and opening the project again will also clear up the problem.


2. Now that I have bought a License Key, how do I apply it?

You will have to run the installation program again. We recommend downloading it again to make sure you have the latest version. All you really have to do is the base install (i.e. no options select) and the setup program will take care of the licensing. However, we still recommend that you do a full install to get the latest help files and manuals, since we will only change the revision number of the setup files only when the webx.ocx changes.


3. What are the licensing for WebX? Is WebX freely redistributable?

WebX requires one license per developer.

Yes, WebX is freely redistributable, with one exception. Per the License Agreement, programs created with the Trial Version of WebX may not be distributed.


4. What do I have to include in my setup/install program?

A setup program that include WebX requires the following:





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