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Version 1.1 Release Notes



• Added new method, HTTPHeader that returns the entire HTTP Header or specific Fields.

• Added new method, TrapFileDataEX, that can send back standard or custom header field(s) in addition to what WebX sends back to the client. See the User Authentication sample for and example.

• Added new method, Version that returns the build version of WebX

• Added Referrer and User Agent fields to HTTPLog.



• Fixed issue where the Content Length field sent back to the client was one byte short.

• Fixed issue where there was and extra CR and LF at the end of binary file transfers.

• Fixed problem with properly decoding the Authorization field in HTTP headers from Netscape/Gecko.

• Fixed date field in response header so it adheres to RFC.

• Fixed formatting problems with NSCA format for HTTPLog event.


Manual Changes

• Added information about the format of htacces.txt in AuthenticationSourceFile

• Added notes about QueryString and QueryStringCount usage in QueryString methods and QueryStringCount.

• Added sections for HTTPHeader, TrapFileDataEx and Version to Methods section.

• Added new methods to Reference Tables section

• Corrected mistake in CallFunction example HTML were a comma (,) was being used as a delimiter instead of an ampersand (&).

• Corrected parameter list for TrapFileData and Data type for the Data parameter.

• Reworded notes for Item 4 in CGI Support Notes.

• Numerous spelling and gramatical mistakes.