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CGI Support


Using in-line HTML Automation can greatly enhance the functionality of your web pages. In-line automation tags allow the HTML author to instruct an application built with WebX to dynamically insert content into the HTML output sent to the client.

WebX can accept CGI Variables and SSIs in two ways:


• The standard method, for example, if <!--#echo var="DATE_LOCAL" --> is inserted into an HTML page, WebX will substitute the current date and time before sending the page to the client.

• The shorthand ASP style method could also be used. <%=Date_Local%> will also substitute today's date and time in the page returned to the client.


Note: There is a no space between the directive opening "<!--"and the pound sign,#. There should be a space between the last double quote and the beginning of the directive close. Extra or missing spaces will be ignored by WebX's parsing engine, but HTML page authors should format them in this manner to make their HTML pages more portable.

Standard CGI Environment Variables

CGI Environment Variables Extensions

CGI Support Notes