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Integer, Read/Write


Maximum number of simultaneous active connections WebX will support. A connection is only active while transmitting or receiving data.


E.g. WebX1.MaxConnections = 100 - The total number of connections allowed will be 100. When the 101st connection attempt is made, the client will receive a server too busy error. If you expect a high volume of traffic where the connections will be busy for extended lengths of time (large file being downloaded), set this number to 100 or greater.


E.g. WebX1.MaxConnections = 1 - Use this setting when you expect short connection times with a small amount of data transferred with each request.

NOTE: If you intend to support only one user at time, you may want to set MaxConnections = 5. This will allow WebX to honor multiple requests from browsers (text and graphics). Since popular browsers usually have four threads running, they may request as many as four items (test, graphics, etc.) simultaneously.