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Integer, Read/Write


Returns/set the source of the usernames and passwords to access restricted directories in the web site. Allowable sources are: GlobalFile (0), DirectoryFile (1) and LocalACL (2), DomainACL (3).

The user will be prompted for a password when they attempt to access directories that contain a file named htaccess.txt. If AuthenticationSource = GlobalFile, then the file defined by AuthenticationSourceFile will be used to authenticate the user. If AuthenticationSource = DirectoryFile then the htaccess.txt that resides in the directory the user is attempting to access will be used for authentication.


If AuthenticationSource = LocalACL and WebX is running on a Windows NT4 or Windows 2000 computer, the local NT user accounts will be used for authentication.

If AuthenticationSource = DomainACL, WebX will attempt to authenticate to the specified NT domain. In this case, the user will have to logon using the following format:

User Name = domain\user - (Domain is the NT domain used for authentication)

Password = user's password


NOTE: If AuthenticationSource = DirectoryFile, you can separate your site into different Authentication Realms by adding Realm:RealmName to the password list in the AuthenticationSourceFile. This will allow the developer to portion the site for different users, otherwise if AuthenticationSource = GlobalFile is used once a user is authenticated they may go to any directory in the site using the credentials.


For example, suppose you have a directory for Sales with the entry Realm:Sales in the access file, and a directory for Managers with the entry Realm:Managers in the access file. Users who enter a username and password to access the Sales directory will be prompted for a username and password when they try to access the Managers directory. If GlobalFile were used, they would not be prompted for a username and password if their username and password also existed in the Managers directory access file.