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1. When I close my application in the IDE I get a GPF?

This will occur because UIToolX subclass controls on a form. If UIToolX does not get notified that the application is shutting down it may not have a chance to release the message hooks and therefore will cause these type of crashes.

Most crashes can be avoided by adding the following line in the Form_Unload event:

UIToolX1.Enabled = False



2. Now that I have bought a License Key, how do I apply it?

The evaluation version of UIToolX can not be converted to a licensed version. You must run the setup program that you downloaded when UIToolX was purchased. If you are having difficulties please contact Tech Support and include your license key, name of buyer, and the date of purchase.


3. What is the licensing for UIToolX? Is UIToolX freely redistributable?

UIToolX requires one license per developer.

Yes, UIToolX is freely redistributable, with one exception. Per the License Agreement, programs created with the Trial Version of UIToolX may not be distributed.


4. What do I have to include in my setup/install program?

A setup program that includes UIToolX requires the following:




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