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UIToolX Release History


September 26, 2001 - V2.0.0 - Bug Fixes.

- Fixed problem with SSTab control hosting enhanced controls
- Fixed problem with right justified controls
- Fixed minor drawing issues with ComboBox


August 28, 2001 - V2.0.0 - Feature Enhancements.

- Added ability to control colors background colors, foreground colors (i.e. text) and border colors controls.
- Added properties ColorsEnable, UI_BackColor, UI_BorderColor, UI_BorderStyle and UI_ForeColor. These properties are used to set the colors and styles of control borders. Note: These are global settings that can be overridden using the AddControl method if the color parameters are not left blank.
- Added new parameters to the AddControl method in order to support border options. Using the AddControl method to enhance a control you can override the global UI_* properties by specifying the colors.
- Add ability to enhance third party controls by using the fwPaintStyle parameter in the AddControl method.
- Changed the way mouse over borders are drawn around CheckBoxes and OptionButtons. Now only the actual check box or option circle is highlighted, not the entire control.


June 12, 2001 - V1.0.0 - First Public Release.


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