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MouseOverControl Method


This method is retained for backward compatibility. Use the new enhanced AddControl method instead.


Manually adds a control to the collection of controls that have Mouse Over effect generated by UIToolX.




UIToolX.MouseOverControl (ctlControl As Object, _

       bMouseOver As Boolean = True, _

       eBorder As e_BorderStyle = fwThinBorder, _

       [fwBorderColor As OLE_COLOR = -1], _

       [fwBackColor As OLE_COLOR = -1], _

       [fwForeColor As OLE_COLOR = -1])



UIToolX.MouseOverControl "Text1"




This method can also take two optional parameters, Mouse Over and eBorder. Mouse Over is a Boolean which lets you control the if Mouse Over behavior is active. eBroder lets you override the border style.