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AddMouseOverTypes Method


Add names of control types to the collection of types of controls that will generate Mouse Over behavior.




UIToolX1.AddMouseOverTypes (sTypeName As String) as Boolean




UIToolX1.AddMouseOverTypes "DTPicker,ImageCombo"




Boolean, True if successful




In the example above, the DTPicker1 and ImageCombo controls added to the collection of controls that will have Mouse Over behavior.


In addition, see the AddTypes method for related information.




Usage Notes


Use this method to add Mouse Over effects to controls that are not in UIToolX’s collection of controls that have Mouse Over effects. You can also try adding third party controls to those enhances by UIToolX to see what the results are.


Keep in mind that some controls do not behave as expected if Mouse Over effects are no used. For example, you can have a CommandButton without a border, but if that CommandButton does not use Mouse Over effects, it will not be highlighted when the mouse passes over it. Most users would expect that the CommandButtom would be highlighted when the mouse passes over it.