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Welcome to the WebX Guided Tour

"I can program in VB again, instead of VBScript!"

Welcome to the WebX Tour. The tour will provide you with a better understanding of the uses of WebX.

With over 40 Properties, Methods and Events, WebX can be used in a variety of applications where previously providing a web interface or application was unfeasible.

With WebX you can inspect requests for web pages as they arrive. Then, based on the page name, Query String or CGI Environment Variable, you can decide if/how to respond to the requested object.

Since WebX allows you to monitor incoming requests, you can embed your HTML pages within the application. This will protect them from being edited and increase speed. You could even place your HTML source in a DLL, making web site updates easier than you ever thought possible.

For for a complete list of WebX Properties, Methods and Events, go to the Online User Guide.