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Welcome to the UIToolX Guided Tour

"I can't believe how good my application looks!"

Welcome to the UIToolX Tour. This tour will provide you with a better understanding of how to use UIToolX to enhance the GUI of your applications.

UIToolX offers the unprecedented ability to enhance the look and feel of existing applications. Not by replacing all the controls on your forms, but by enhancing them. Just drop the UIToolX ActiveX control onto your Visual Basic form and set the properties.

So if you have always wanted thin border or flat controls, with mouse over effects, UIToolX can do it. All with no code on your part or the laborious task of replacing and resizing all those Text Boxes and Command Buttons.

With over 20 Properties and Methods, UIToolX is both easy to use and customizable. For for a complete list of UIToolX Properties and Methods, go to the Online User Guide.